Foreword by Professor David Gillatt

Posted on Tuesday June 04 2013 09:00 PM

From Professor David Gillatt, Director of the Bristol Urological Institute:

“The pump priming of research by Run for the Future has been one of the main drivers to bring prostate cancer into focus as a high priority for Bristol. There are now several prostate cancer research projects across Bristol. The clinical services are of the highest quality, with Bristol being the largest prostate cancer centre in the UK and the busiest Robot surgical centre for prostate cancer, in the country.  Prostate cancer is at the forefront of our efforts.

Without the efforts of Rotary’s Run for the Future,  and others in fund-raising, and, as importantly, raising awareness, this could never have happened. Awareness has made the people of Bristol seek advice about their prostate health and the Health Communities put prostate cancer on an equal level to other common and potentially lethal cancers. The academic community recognises the need to help answer all the questions still remaining unanswered about this disease.

The efforts of RFTF have been at the very forefront of changing perceptions about prostate cancer in Bristol and will eventually, I believe, result in reduced suffering and death because of this disease."

Created by: Professor David Gillatt

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