Since 2006, Run for the Future has raised a fantastic £280,100 for Southmead Hospital Charity’s Prostate Cancer Appeal (RCN 1055900) including £25,600 generated by our last run in September 2014. This has been used to fund research in UWE, UWE Robotics Unit and Bristol University and, just as importantly, helped raise awareness about this “Silent Killer” which affects over 40,000 men each year in the UK. Unfortunately for over 10,000 men the disease will be fatal.

Despite a huge amount of work by Rotary with lunch-time displays in local firms such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Magnox, Ministry of Defence at Abbeywood, Police Headquarters etc. numbers participating in the race have remained static. As a result, organisers Bristol Rotary Club have reluctantly agreed that Run 2014 will be the last in the series and are looking for alternative ways of raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Appeal.

In thanking Bristol Rotarians for organising the Run since 2006, Clinical Director, Professor David Gillatt of the Urological Department has stated

“The pump priming of research by Run for the Future has been one of the main drivers to bring prostate cancer into focus as a high priority for Bristol. There are now several prostate cancer research projects across Bristol. The clinical services are of the highest quality, with Bristol being the largest prostate cancer centre in the UK and the busiest Robotics Surgical Centre for prostate cancer, in the UK. Prostate cancer is at the forefront of our efforts. We have formed the Bristol Prostate Cancer Research Network to bring together researchers and clinicians to discuss the way forward.

Without the efforts of Run for the Future, Rotary and others in fundraising, and, as importantly, raising awareness this could never have happened. Awareness has made the people of Bristol seek advice about their prostate health and the Health Communities put prostate cancer on an equal level to other common and potentially lethal cancers. The academic community recognises the need to help answer all the questions still remaining unanswered about this disease.

The efforts of Run for the Future have been at the very forefront of changing perceptions about prostate cancer in Bristol and will eventually, I believe, result in reduced suffering and death because of this disease.”

Although Run for the Future has come to an end, Event Manager, Rotarian Ian Beattie is keen to continue support for Southmead Hospital Charity Prostate Cancer Appeal. Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland are currently promoting a national Prostate Cancer Awareness Cycle Run on June 21st 2015 and Bristol Rotarians have agreed to link this with the Bristol Sky Ride organised by Bristol City Council on June 21st.

Ian is encouraging all those who have taken part in Run for the Future and who want to take part in the Skyride to do so as sponsored riders for the Southmead Hospital’s Charity Prostate Cancer Appeal. They can use Skyride as an opportunity to raise funds for the above Appeal by visiting where they can either donate directly or set up their own fund-raising page and download a sponsor form.

Whether you are a cyclist or not, there is an opportunity for everyone to help with this event or to donate if you can’t take part in Bristol on June 21st.

With no further Run for the Future events, this is Bristol’s big chance to continue all the good work of raising awareness about prostate cancer and fund-raising for prostate cancer patient care in Southmead Hospital’s Urology Department.


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